Long Island Custom Carpentry Services

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Every family has a passion for something different that could be incorporated into the home through custom carpentry.  This will both enhance that passion and allow your home to stand out from the Long Island crowd, which is no easy task.  RJD Construction is the best in custom design and construction on the island, with over twenty five years of experience in the design, creation and implementation of custom carpentry, including, but not limited to, custom cabinets, flooring, decks, window and door installations, home additions, bathroom additions and attic conversions.

Custom Carpentry Services

 Home Additions

Whether its a basic dormer, or something personal like a wine cellar or library, RJD Construction can add uniqueness to your home through an addition.

 Custom Cabinets

We have expert professional designers and carpenters, who create on-of-a-kind cabinets to pull your kitchen or bathroom together in a beautiful way.

 Attic Conversions

In many homes attics are for junk, or simply wasted space.  Why not take advantage of this space and make it lovely and livable?